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Warm Homes

Data and information relevant to fuel poverty, warm homes and energy efficiency.

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How old is our housing?

This dataset provides information for Cambridgeshire, West Suffolk and Peterborough, showing the age of homes as provided by the Valuation Office Agency, based on council tax records. The first file of data is specifically focussed on identifying homes with solid walls, as part of the Warm Homes project, so the data has been grouped to highlight the small areas (known as Lower Super Output Areas) where homes fall into three specific age bands: Built before 1929 Built between 1930 to 1939 Built between 1945 and 2015

Some build dates are unknown, there are also counted in the data.

Homes built before 1929 all tend to have solid walls, as cavity walls had not been invented. Homes built between 1930 and 1939 may or may not have solid walls, in the period when cavity walls were becoming more popular but not yet "the norm". Few homes were built 1939 to 1945. On the whole, homes built since 1945 tend to have cavity walls.

So this data set helps us identify where we can find homes which are most likely to have solid walls, and therefore where a solid wall insulation project might want ot focus its attention.

The second data file is more detailed and adds further information on the date homes were built, grouped into ten-year bands, and adds the number of homes in each LSO which falls into council tax bands A to H as well.

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