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Greater Cambridge ANPR Data: Origin to Destination Reports

This dataset provides Origin and Destination reports derived from the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera traffic survey undertaken across the Cambridge area from 10th to 17th June 2017. The aim of the survey work was to help provide a firm evidence base for future Greater Cambridge Partnership decisions, by improving our understanding of how the network is being used and the impacts of vehicle use.

The Origin and Destination Reports provide information on the first and last cameras triggered on vehicle journeys across the city.

Please note that the maximum trip chain duration within the reports is two hours, and that vehicles travelling ‘outbound’ past an external camera site will end that particular trip chain. The ‘Taxi’ classification includes only Hackney Carriages.

Please also note that these reports are preliminary and are undergoing review. The reports may be subject to change and revisions released in the fullness of time.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership team welcome your feedback. Please email us on

The Trip Chain Reports (available at provide additional detail, giving the camera survey sites triggered along vehicles’ routes across the Highway network.

****due to the extensive amount of data recorded, data collected for each day has been divided into three files. Each file contains a 'summary' worksheet for the relevant day but the data for individual cameras have been divided for each day between camera location 1-45, 46-70 and 72-96. You can view the camera locations on the 'location plan' worksheet of each file.

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