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A collection of datasets linked to the Housing Board for Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and West Suffolk.

You can find a description of the Board and its background here 

The aim is to buid up a set of information for local experts to analyse, including past trends, current information and future projections.

Wherever possible we will use this space to share "already available" information, presenting data from various partners without adding to the existing burden of collection - helping to get the best value possible from all the work put into this collection process.

We will do this in "open data" format to make the data as straightforward as possible to use, re-use, combine and anayse. APIs will be created wherever possible.

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The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in these formats.


via the DKAN API

Homelessness in England

Statistics about homelessness for every local authority in England.

This includes annual data covering 2009-10 to 2017-18 based on CLG live table 784, known as the P1E returns.

There are also quarterly returns (live table 784a) which cover April to June; July to September, September to December and January to March, since April 2013 available on the CLG webpage (see links)

Both are provided in excel and csv format.

These data help us compare trends across the country for the decisions local authorities make when people apply to them as homeless and each district's use of temporary accommodation.

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Data Dictionary

Homelessness annual returns
Based on CLG table 784 (annual) Local Authority summary which details local authority action under the homelessness provisions of the 1985 and 1996 Housing Acts.
2012-based household projections can be found at:
"-" represents figure suppressed due to being less than 5 or to prevent calculation
Totals may not equal the sum of components because of rounding.
Totals include estimated data to account for non-response.

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